World Wide Branches

Singapore (Regional Head Office)


Established in 1987, Kerry-ITS continues to be one of Singapore's leading depots. We maintain good relationships with our customers in all depots, most of them being major players in the market.

Our Regional Head Office, located a mere 8 kilometers from the port, also acts as a Training School for all new employees. The training school also trains customers, teaching them what they should expect in this industry.

Singapore's depot is also the first in Asia to bring in 4 units of the latest repair technology, the Robotic Internal Tank Container Grinding System (ROBOGRIND).

ROBOGRIND is a first-of-its-kind mechanical device that performs automated, computer-calibrated grinding work on the inside of a tank container to mitigate the effects of corrosion. This automation provides cost-effectiveness and time reduction for grinding and polishing a tank. The results? A beautiful internal shell with smooth finishing.

You may like to view the demonstration video clip from ROBOGRIND's website:

Kerry-ITS Terminal Pte.Ltd is also the first depot to be successfully audited by @TCO on 8th November 2011, passing it's stringent depot audit scheme. As a result, we are recognized as an Approved Cleaning Station and Repair Depot. Mr William Loh, our Managing Director received the first @TCO accreditation plaque from Mr. Reginald Lee, @TCO’s President during the first @TCO general meeting in Shanghai, which has heralds a new chapter for global standards and well-organized depots in Asia.

Facility Description Singapore
Area Total area of ___sqm. 10,500
Storage Capacity Able to store ___TEUs. 1,000
Flooring Concrete flooring with ___mm thickness. 250
Location Located ___km away from the port. 8
Security Full fenced with external lights & 24 hours surveillance CCTV system.
Personnel (Manpower) Total employees including of Management, HR, Admin, Finance, Accounts, Legal, Commercial, Operations, etc. 90
Cleaning Bays Quantity of cleaning bays at the cleaning depot. 12
Lifting / Handling Equipments 9-height double-lift empty stacker 2
3-height empty stacker 1
5-ton forklift (for SBC) 1
3-ton forklift (for IBC) 1
Repair Capabilities In-service repair (minor & major), Offhire repair, Interior polishing/grinding/infill & reweld, Structural repair, Modification
Steam Heating
Robotic Automation Interior Grinding Machine 4
Appointed Testing Inspecting Authorities First appointed surveyor for periodical testing certification - 5yrs hydrotest or 2.5yrs airtest GL (ICSB)
Appointed Cleanliness Inspecting Authorities First appointed surveyor for cleanliness inspection Tankspec
Cleaning & Treatment System Fully automated cleaning & bio-reactor waste treatment system with touch-screen PLC for proper cleaning water residue disposal. Waste settlement is put into filter press and the cake sludge is sent for incineration.
Operating Standard ITCO ACC standard or customers’ requirements. Tank Activity Report is sent to customers on daily/weekly basis. EIR/repair estimate is generated by in-house IDMS system.
Safety Measures Total of ___ safety warnings signage such as No Smoking, Flammable Materials, Speed Limit, Goggles, etc. 50

*Figures are updated on quarterly basis. Latest updated on 1 November 2016.