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Our Advanced Systems

1. TANK CLEANING: Automatic Tank Cleaning Programming System

Our tank internal cleaning and residue disposal methods are highly efficient, with the aid of our high performance Automatic Tank Cleaning Programming System, controlled by a PLC 24 hours daily. We are able to thoroughly clean 4 tanks or multi-compartment tanks at the same time, with 2 or 4 rotary cleaning heads, maximizing efficiency, and using minimal time. We are using 100-bar high pressure plunger pump to clean all kinds of food grade or chemical last cargo.

All SDS and previous tank history are being recorded into the Tank Cleaning Recording Kiosk, a part of our Integrated Depot Management System (IDMS), which we are able to monitor and record on the cleaning methods and time required to clean each individual last cargo, and analyse on the performance of our tank cleaning operators, to improve our own cleaning speed and capabilities.

2. TANK CLEANING: Bio-Reactor Waste Water Treatment System

We have also invested in Green Technology – Our modified Bio-Reactor Waste Water Treatment System. The system enables us to treat waste water, reducing it to a neutral level with our treatment pits before drainage. All our depots have been upgraded, being equipped with the Ultra-Filtration, Nano-Filtration and Reverse Osmosis, Kerry-ITS is promoting environment responsibility to our countries.

3. TANK REPAIR: Robogrind Interior Tank Shell Treatment System

Singapore's depot is also the first in Asia to bring in 4 units of the latest repair technology since 2011 - Robogrind Interior Tank Shell Treatment System, for interior tank shell polishing and grinding repair.

Robogrind is a first-of-its-kind mechanical device that performs automated, computer-calibrated grinding work on the inside of a tank container to mitigate the effects of corrosion. This automation provides cost-effectiveness, labour and time reduction for polishing and grinding a tank. The results? A beautiful internal shell with smooth finishing.

You may like to view the demonstration video clip from our YouTube Channel:

4. OPERATIONS SOFTWARE: Integrated Depot Management System (IDMS)

Integrated Depot Management Software (IDMS) is designed and created by Kerry-ITS In-House IT Team since 2007, and currently running Version 2.0 with upgraded Smart Mobile Applications.

Our depots‘ in-house cutting-edge computerized system covers the full monitoring of your tank activity, such as Tank Status (Cleaning, Repairing, Storage etc.), Tank Current Report, Estimate Generation, Tank History and Billing. It can be real-time updated and exported into MS Excel and PDF format.

It is a highly efficient system which provides highly customized solutions with user-friendly interface and reliable hardware:

  • In/Out Gate Touch-screen Registration Kiosk
  • PDA (EIR)
  • Tank Cleaning Record Kiosk
  • iPad Mini Tablet (e-Estimate)

Everything you need is in ONE single solution:

  • Customer Profiles
  • Customer Criteria
  • Tank Data History
  • Last Cargo SDS
  • Residue Disposal Estimate
  • Cleaning Cost Records
  • Cleaning Performance
  • Survey Records
  • Repair Estimates
  • Testing Records
  • Repair Performance
  • Billing
  • Analysis
  • Tank Activity Report
  • Inventory Report
  • Sales Report etc.