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China, Tianjin


Established in February 2014, Tianjin's new depot is strategically located, being an ideal station for cleaning, minor and major repairs for tanks. Just 10km away from the nearest port, the strategic placement in Tianjin is especially crucial - time is indeed money.

With our improved skills in refurbishment, modification and steam heating, we are able to provide more integrated solutions for your tank business.

Construction Project Environmental Protection Acceptance Publicity Report

The project consists of the environmental impact assessment for the contruction of the project by Tianjin Environmental Impact Assessment Center in March 2013, approved bt the Tianjin Binhai New Development Area Environmental Protection Administration and Management on 29 May 2013.


The report (Mandarin) is now available for download with below link:

Kerry-ITS Terminal ( Tianjin ) Co., Ltd. - Construction Project Environmental Protection Acceptance Publicity Report

After our Singapore RHO, Laem Chabang and Shanghai depots have received the accreditation by @TCO in 2011, 2012 and 2016 respectively, Kerry-ITS (Tianjin) has been the fourth depot to be audited. The audit result was approved on 15 Jan 2016.

Facility Description Tianjin
Area Total area of ___sqm. 10,000
Storage Capacity Able to store ___TEUs. 400
Flooring Concrete flooring with ___mm thickness. 250
Location Located ___km away from the port. 10
Security Full fenced with external lights & 24 hours surveillance CCTV system.
Personnel (Manpower) Total employees including of Management, HR, Admin, Finance, Accounts, Legal, Marketing, Operations, etc. 21
Cleaning Bays Quantity of cleaning bays at the cleaning depot. 8
Lifting / Handling Equipments 3-height single-lift empty stacker 1
3-ton forklift (for IBC) 1
Repair Capabilities In-service repair (minor & major), Offhire repair, Interior polishing/grinding/infill & reweld, Structural repair, Modification
Steam Heating
Appointed Testing Inspecting Authorities First appointed surveyor for periodical testing certification - 5yrs hydrotest or 2.5yrs airtest BV
Appointed Cleanliness Inspecting Authorities First appointed surveyor for cleanliness inspection BV
Cleaning & Treatment System Fully automated cleaning & bio-reactor waste treatment system with touch-screen PLC for proper cleaning water residue disposal. Waste settlement is put into filter press and the cake sludge is sent for incineration.
Operating Standard ITCO ACC standard or customers’ requirements. Tank Activity Report is sent to customers on daily/weekly basis. EIR/repair estimate is generated by in-house IDMS system.
Safety Measures Total of ___ safety warnings signage such as No Smoking, Flammable Materials, Speed Limit, Goggles, etc. 30

*Figures are updated on quarterly basis. Latest updated on 1 November 2016.