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Tank Projects: Integrated Depot Management Software

Kerry-ITS is a leading Tank Depot Service Provider for ISO Tank Containers, specializes in Tank Cleaning, Repair, Training and Emergency Response Services.

With 30 years of experiences in the tank industry, we are glad to share our knowledge and expertise to all current and potential industry players, with our integrated projects for consultancy and depot setup services.

We are able to assist you with our Sales & Subscription of Integrated Depot Management Software (IDMS) Designed by Kerry-ITS In-House IT Team.

Everything you need is in ONE single solution:

  • Customer Profiles
  • Customer Criteria
  • Tank Data History
  • Last Cargo SDS
  • Residue Disposal Estimate
  • Cleaning Cost Records
  • Cleaning Performance
  • Survey Records
  • Repair Estimates
  • Testing Records
  • Repair Performance
  • Billing
  • Analysis
  • Tank Activity Report
  • Inventory Report
  • Sales Report etc.

Real-time Tank Activities Monitoring System

Our depots‘ in-house cutting-edge computerized system covers the full monitoring of your tank activity, such as Tank Status (Cleaning, Repairing, Storage etc.), Tank Current Report, Estimate Generation, Tank History and Billing. It can be real-time updated and exported into MS Excel and PDF format.

It is a highly efficient system which provides highly customized solutions with user-friendly interface.





In/Out Gate Inspection Using PDA & Transmit EIR (Equipment Interchange Receipt) into Web portal - Started in August 2012

We are currently in the midst of creating a web portal, so that customers may login to the portal in the future, to track your tank activities in our depot, linked from our IDMS system. We are also processing with the upgrading of our surveying system, to transmit the Equipment Interchange Report (EIR) into paperless solutions (PDA) with photos to be viewed clearly from our web portal.

This is a collaboration project to enhance our Operations Productivity with Singapore ITE College East, together with the lecturers. This Product Information Management System has also being awarded with a Merit Award to ITE College East under the E-Enterprise Category at SiTF Awards 2011 organised by Singapore infocomm Technology Federation (SiTF).

The Advantages of having our own web portal are as follows:

- Minimises admin and paper work such as sending emails to customers and filing of the documents.

- Saving the precious paper and our trees of the environment without printing.

- Saving storage space in terms of physical paper storage as well as storage of huge document data inclusive of photos files being saved in our own computers, emails, and even customers' own emails.

- Our valued customers will be able to track their tank activities at anytime, even after office hours.



SAP BUSINESS ONE SOLUTIONS - Went Live Since April 2011

Kerry-ITS had for the previous 10 years been operating on a local accounting system. The system was hugely inflexible, not allowing any customisation and without any advanced reporting tools to provide in depth financial information.

On the operations side, the consequences were even more pronounced. The functionality did not cover its production process and, therefore, all Bill of Materials were stored and amended on excel.

SAP Business One went live in April 2011, and post implementation reviews showed that around 90% of the employees at Kerry-ITS were very satisfied with the new system, mainly due to the lightening of their workload.

"Our previous system was very rigid and unable to be customised. We still needed to run much of our business manually, which was time consuming and prone to human errors. SAP Business One came at the right time to solve our problems. Our employees were able to gain instant and accurate information easily, which allowed them to analyse statistics quicker and gain immediate reports on areas such as our sales performance.” -- William Loh, Managing Director

Another significant benefit includes Kerry-ITS’s productivity, 2 to 3 staff were able to be relocated, almost immediately, to other jobs as a consequence of the implementation.

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For Sales & Subscription enquiries, please kindly contact our the following personnel:

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