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Feb 2012: Kerry-Intra - New Manufacturing Foundry in Dongying, China Officially Started Operations

KERRY-INTRATAINER PRECISION METAL (DONGYING) CO LTD (Officially started operations on 1 Feb 2012) Kerry-ITS's subsidiary, Kerry-Intra, has expanded its business into manufacturing foundry in China, to deliver the best integrated OEM parts and CNC machining solutions to benefit our clients.

Jan/Feb 2012: Kerry-ITS Marcomm Publicity - Advertised on HCB Tank Guide 2012, E-Newsletter & Feb Issue

Kerry-ITS Marcomm Publicity Jan 2012: Kerry-ITS Advertised on HCB (Hazardous Cargo Bulletin) Tank Guide 2012 on Page 64, 77 and 132, as well as web banner on HCB weekly e-newsletter. Feb 2012: Kerry-ITS advertised on HCB (Hazardous Cargo Bulletin) Monthly Magazine February Issue on Inner Cover Page.

Oct 2011: Singapore (RHO) - In Cooperation with Robogrind on their Second Worldwide Networking Event

KERRY-ITS TERMINAL PTE LTD On 28 October 2011, as a consequence of the successful event in Houston in April 2011, Robogrind Oy, the specialist in corrosion treatment of Stainless Steel tank containers from Finland, set up Robogrind’s Second Worldwide Networking Event in cooperation with its trading partner, Kerry-ITS, in the depot of Kerry-ITS (Singapore Regional Head Office).

Aug 2011: Singapore (RHO) - Obtained bizSAFE Enterprise Level Star Certification

KERRY-ITS TERMINAL PTE LTD Aug 2011: bizSAFE Enterprise Level Star Certification issued by the Singapore Workplace Safety and Health Council (WSHC) on 26 Aug 2011 to last till 2014 From top management demonstrating commitment towards Workplace Health and Safety (WSH), to acquiring risk management capabilities and implementing a WSH management system that enhanced our ISO tank service credentials, we gained recognition from industries that benefited from our comprehensive WSH syst

Aug 2011: Singapore (RHO) - Obtained the Employers' Pledge Certificate by the Tripartite Alliance for Fair Employment Practices (TAFEP)

KERRY-ITS TERMINAL PTE LTD Aug 2011: Awarded the Employers' Pledge Certificate by the Tripartite* Alliance for Fair Employment Practices (TAFEP) for sharing the five key principles of fair employment practices and implementing these principles in our Human Resource Management.